Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Map of the Decade!

With grandiose visions of making a "Map of the Decade" I went and sought out some lists of the top news stories from the internet. Trying to find lists that were not biased by politics, region, or sector (such as technology) was impossible. The best I've come up with is this list from The list is biased towards the USA and our strategic interests and I have my own disagreements, notably the absence of China (big earthquake, rise as a superpower, hosting the Olympics) but I decided to map their list anyway.

Due to the limitations of the Blogger template you'll need to click on the map to see a readable version.

The background map is from MapQuest because they have the least annoying worldwide projection of the major mapping sites. I used the images from the list though some of them are not very recognizable. I placed them at or near the approximate locations of each story except the global recession. That one got put on the Equator.

Yes the inclusion of Michael Jackson is ridiculous. Tell me something I don't already know! Like for example, what should be on this list instead. Have a happy new decade!


Anonymous said...
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OneLifeLiveIt said...

Climate Change and the world waking up to it should be mentioned. (replace King of Pop)

Technological Impact of the Internet - Google , Twiiter , Amazon , Ebay , Blogging etc (Replace Pope)

Dug said...

I think lots of people would like to replace the Pope but I'm not Catholic so I won't go there. :)