Friday, September 26, 2008

Map of the Week-The World According to UAlbany

I just got my alumni magazine from UAlbany aka SUNY Albany, Albany State, University at Albany (my school changes its name every other year). The cover has this world map, strangely reminiscent of the childrens' maps I showed a few weeks ago from the Barbara Petchenik Competition. Yes we're proud of our worldly outreach - we even found the other two places that are not NYC (Boston and Canada) and proudly label them on our map.
There's also a big suspension bridge linking the Rocky Mountains with the Pacific Ocean and a 150 mile tall palm tree growing in central Florida. We also moved Mount Fuji to Mongolia for your convenience!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Map of the Week - Trust the Experts

This map in today's Boston Globe reminded me of Middle East expert John McCain's various gaffes (Iran, Iraq, Sunni, Shiite, who can tell the difference?) Here's a map of his "Iraq-Pakistan Border" courtesy of Matthew Yglesias and the Atlantic Monthly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Map of the Week - Prison Cell Mapping

The Lincoln County Jail in Wiscasset, Maine is well worth a visit. You can go into the cells of this now empty prison and see how conditions were for the prisoners. Among lots of interesting grafitti on the walls is this nicely detailed world map that I was able to photograph. The tour guide speculates that it was done by one of the many sailors who spent time there. It's not the prettiest MOTW entry ever but is very well done. Even the latitudes are shown. Ignore the areas where the paint has peeled off - those are not continents.