Monday, June 22, 2020

Topological Map of the World

Here is an interesting map from the Map Porn Reddit (yes that is a thing). It shows the world from a standpoint of topology-meaning that relationships between countries (specifically boundaries) are emphasized. The shapes of countries are disregarded.
It is designed to look like the T-O maps of medieval times with the round shape, the seas looking like rivers and "oriented" with east at the top.
A T-O map via Wikipedia
There's a lot to pick apart as commenters have gleefully done such as non-existent borders (Chile-Paraguay) and misspellings (Nicaragua). You can get into heated debates about boundary politics or whether Lithuania borders Russia or not (technically it does) if that's your thing. I prefer to focus on the interesting perspective provided. I also like the way the island nations surround the map-though they do get a bit out of sequence.
You can click the top map to see higher resolution or visit the Reddit post to see the comments.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Greenwood Massacre

The 1921 Greenwood Massacre in Tulsa is one of the most horrifying incidents in US race relations. This map via Tulsa World details the significant events that took place there.
You can click above for a more readable version. Here is a detail to get a feel.
There is a locator map in the corner but it shows the city pre-expressways and if you don't know the city very well it is hard to see where this is. Here is the Google Maps view. It looks like much of the neighborhood has been sacrificed for highways, a stadium and a university, a common fate for many African-American neighborhoods.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Mapping the Locust Swarms

Locusts have been deviating crops in Africa and South Asia in the worst attack in decades. This map, via Business Insider India shows where the swarms are and where they are heading.
The article is full of disturbing photos (if you don't like locusts) and details some interesting efforts to drive them away such as beating thalis (small hand drums) or playing loud music. A silver lining is offered in that these locusts are a healthy food option for birds and fish (people not mentioned) and can be profitable to those who catch them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mapping Police Violence

Mapping Police Violence is a research collaborative that tracks police shootings in the United States. Here is an interactive map of incidents during 2019,
 along with clickable information for each incident.
The site also includes some other useful graphics.
It is not all negativity. Here is a chart showing proven solutions.
More info here - you can donate to the cause here.