Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Map of the Week-Haiti Quake Maps

I don't like to gawk at natural disasters. However, yesterday's earthquake in Haiti is so horrific that's it's a tough one to ignore. The U. S. Geological Survey's PAGER (Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response) has some useful maps and graphics to illustrate the severity of the situation. Here are the most recent earthquakes on PAGER with the Haiti quake detailed.

Here are some maps from the PAGER's Haiti earthquake page. First, a graph showing the color codes.

 This is the "shakemap" showing the quake intensity. To the right, a list of the most affected cities using the same color codes.

Finally, a map showing population density (in gray) with the quake intensity shown as colored isolines.


Anonymous said...
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Dug said...

Yes - it does sound like a scam.

OneLifeLiveIt said...

I just love your blog. Being a double major in Geography I have always enjoyed interesting slants on maps , demographics and why some parts of the world tend to get harsher outcomes to natural disasters.

A good one to add is where historical earthquakes are - along with possible teutonic plates etc.

It is a tragic event - lessons need to be learned. Unfortunately countries with poor infrastructure and low GDP per population will suffer great than the top 50 countries in the world.