Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Theoretical Nation States of Europe

I came across this map recently showing the possible sovereign nation states of Europe. The full map can be linked here.
There's lost of fine detail with most of today's countries being carved up into smaller units.
Even smaller states such as Latvia and Lithuania are subdivided.
The map extends far enough east to include the ethnic jumble of the Caucasus.
They were able to find capital cities for most places, even tiny little Morpeth in Northumberland, but nothing for Basque Country.
Of course a map like this is by nature subjective and bound to upset people, especially those fighting for or against independence. Here are a few things I wonder about:

  • Is England really that divided?
  • Is Ireland really that united?
  • When did Athlone become the capital of Ireland?
  • What country includes the midlands of England - is it really part of the Isle of Man?
  • Is Occitania really that different from France?
  • Seems like northern Italy is divided into the medieval city states but not the South.
  • I think there are biases towards and against certain countries here but I don't want to speculate too much not knowing much about the origin of this map.

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Andy Tice said...

You'd think that the Isle of Man would be an entity in it's own right ... since it technically is anyway!