Thursday, May 17, 2007

MOTW #75

The text below is from the original posting back in May (this is actually being written in August). It now appears that the map has been taken off the web page of La Voz de Galicia. I tried searching with my non-knowledge of Spanish using the words vertederos and mapa and all links to the map seem to be gone. Too bad because it was a good one. The original text:

Way back in 1990 I participated in a project mapping and cataloging illegal dumps in Slovenia. Here's a technologically more advanced version for Galicia in northwestern Spain. You can click on any dump and get a photo. Here's the mapper's description:
"The Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia invites readers to send in photos and descriptions of illegal garbage dumps. Photos and descriptions are plotted on an interactive map of the country. The intent seems to be embarrassing officials into cleaning it up."
This page allows those of you who know Spanish to practice while giving those of us that don't the opportunity to be tolerant.