Thursday, July 12, 2007

MOTW #83

One of my pet peeves is when worthwhile, timely information gets put on the web and then is never updated. This example is cited as a "recent map" from a company that works with newspapers to put maps on their web pages. The map shows "Rummage Sales"* in the "Siouxland" for the weekend of April 14th - note that the date at the top is today. This is/was useful information and if they kept it up to date could be still.** If not take it off or the residents of Ascot/Broadmoor should be expecting visitors this weekend, sale or not.

*I'd like to see a map showing what regions of the country use what terms to describe yard/garage/tag/rummage sales

** I can think of several other ways they could improve this site but I've already gone on for too long here.