Thursday, March 13, 2008

Map of the Week 116-Baltimorrific!

For those of you like me who were foolish enough to miss the Chicago Festival of Maps, life has given you a second chance.
The Baltimore Festival of Maps begins Sunday with the opening of Maps: Finding Our Place in the World. This is the same exhibit that appeared at the Field Museum in Chicago, now making an east coast appearance at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. The Walters chose the London Glove map to represent their various mapping exhibits (there are several other exhibits and events going on at the museum).

As a fan of maps made by non-professionals, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Maps on Purpose exhibit. Art on Purpose, a community arts organization led various neighborhood map making workshops. Below are a couple of samples. Unfortunately the resolution on them is pretty coarse.

Of course I was curious to see where these neighborhoods are so I located them on yahoo maps. I used yahoo because I'm partial to their "micro-neighborhoods" even though they're often wrong. The map on the left is in Sandtown-Winchester, in the top right (NW) part of the map. The map on the right shows the Hollis Market-Union Square neighborhoods at the southern edge of the map.
One thing I have not found on the festival site is a map locating the events. Maybe someone (her majesty?) knows something I don't. I took the map below from yahoo and outlined in purple the area of the neighborhood map above and marked the Walters in a red asterisk. Now you know where to go and what to do. See you there?


Hugh Yeman said...

Dug: If you're interested in a preview of the "Maps: Finding Our Place In the World" exhibit, check out my main blog entry about the Chicago version. Many of the subsequent entries also pertain to items in that same exhibit.

Note: Will Noel, the curator of the exhibit, told me that not all the items in the Chicago version will be at the Walters. For instance, one of my favorites - the 1590 Waghenaer coastal map - won't be there. But I will. See you there!

Dug said...

Thanks! That's a pretty comprehensive list. I didn't read through the entire thing because I like surprises. I will definitely want to read through it after I've seen the exhibit.

DrSchnell said...

Just got back from seeing this exhibit this past weekend - it's superb, and everyone should see it!