Thursday, October 2, 2008

Map of the Week-The Mural Arts Project

Driving through Philadelphia the other day we saw some pretty cool murals. I remembered that I had some info about the Mural Arts Program but had not been able to locate a comprehensive map. There are tour maps of the Center City Area but nothing showing the outer 'hoods. Upon further review I found muralBase created by the University of Pennsylvania's Cartographic Modeling Lab. You can choose a theme, artist, zip code or year and get a map showing the location of murals as well as descriptions and pictures about each one. Below is the map that results when you choose "Latino" as the theme - clustered in the Latino sections of town. On the right side is a mural of El Yunque - the rain forest in Puerto Rico.

Here's a nice one - Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Projection!

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DrSchnell said...

There's a couple of great books with photos from the Mural Arts project (Philadelphia Murals and Philadelphia Murals II are the titles, if memory serves) - they do a great job of talking about the project's attempts to tie neighborhood visions with those of the artist (and the conflicts that sometimes arise when that doesn't work out so well).