Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Map of the Week - Jimmy Corrigan's World

I've looked at this site many times and still don't completely get it. It's an interactive promotion for Chris Ware's graphic novel Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Boy on Earth. I have not read it, but the story here does not appear to follow the book as described online. It does make an interesting use of maps to tell a story. Click the map below and then the lower arrow. Next click on one of the circles on the globe and you get a piece of the story.

This a typical immigrant coming to the US to find whatever opportunities are out there story. If you really want to follow it the trick is to click on what's supposed to be Tennessee but really is too far south and east. Then click the right arrows. There seem to be parallel stories about slavery and some traffic accident in Panama. Again, the relationship to this graphic novel is unclear. Below is a typical sequence showing parts of the story.

If you click on Chicago you get this nice little zoom in sequence

The site does work in that it makes me curious to read the story. Then again after months of looking I have yet to actually place my order.

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