Friday, September 24, 2010

Map of the Weekend-ABC decides your region

Every week someone at ABC or ESPN or some parent company decides what college football game you want to watch based on what region they think you're in. This week they feel that those of us in the Northeast would rather watch #7 Texas than #2 Ohio State.
Maybe the Texas game will be less lopsided but they didn't consider how the distance factor can water down the hatred. Texas? Meh. But Ohio State-now you're talking hatred! At least to those of us from Pennsylvania. Go Eastern Michigan!

For those of you who want the NFL product, the 506 has your map:

Seems a bit incorrect to show both the early and late games on the same map but then what do I know about football?

Or you could go outside and enjoy the nice fall weather!


Michael5000 said...

In retrospect, that would have been an awesome game to watch...

Synensys said...

Actually I believe the local stations decide which game to pick up.