Friday, October 1, 2010

Map of the Weekend-Your Fall Foliage Travel Guide

Looking for the prettiest leaves this weekend? The Foliage Network has you covered - some of the country anyway. They have a network of spotters to help them construct maps like this:

Or this one if you're more of a midwestern type of leaf peeper:

They also have the southeast but there's not much to report there yet. In the Northeast elevation is a huge factor whereas in the flatter Midwest it's more about how far north you are - though maybe elevation accounts for the western slant of the moderate-high areas.

If you're going to Wisconsin, the state's tourism department has a nice interactive map where you can mouse over a county and get "color meter" scores from specific areas within.

Finally, I couldn't resist making an animation from the northeast reports to show the spread of color. Happy leaf travels!

NE Foliage Animation


Michael5000 said...

What's the deal with Rhode Island? Too good for leaf peeping?

Dug said...

"Due to a lack of foliage spotters, we regret that we will no longer be covering Delaware, Minnesota and Rhode Island."

Not many trees in Rhode Island anyway.