Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quebec's Longest Highway

Quebec Route 366, according to Wikipedia is "a secondary highway in the Outaouais region of Quebec. It runs from Route 301 near Creemorne in the Pontiac to Route 148 in the city of Gatineau."

Quebec Route 366, according to Google runs from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Astoria, Oregon-aka U.S. Route 30. Here it is at the beginning and near the end.

The street view from Atlantic City

Why did this happen? I have no idea and nobody seems to have an answer on the google maps help forum.

I first discovered this issue when looking for something in the Exton-Downingtown suburbitopia.

Soon I discovered that they renamed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Much of the legendary Lincoln Highway is now Quebec Route 366. This page from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review even lists a restaurant in Ligonier, Pennsylvania as being on Quebec Route 366.

Here are more views of scenic Quebec 366 as it travels across the USA.

Over and around Fort Wayne, Indiana

On the edge of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Heading into Cheyenne, Wyoming

Pocatello, Idaho out by the airport.

Cascade Locks, Oregon

Portland, the City of Roses.

I don't know why Google has been so slow to fix this but hopefully it won't be too soon. Otherwise this post won't be as fun. I hope traffic isn't too bad on your stretch of the 366.


Michael5000 said...

This is just nuts. I wonder if there is some subtle subtle rationale to it, or if it's just a stone cold mistake. My money's on: somebody forgot to take down the April Fools joke.

Anonymous said...

Saw the same exact thing along parts of US 22 near Pittsburgh.
Took a screen shot. A Google search for "Quebec Route 366" took me to this page and others that have noticed the same thing on US 30, but I haven't seen of anyone else spotting this erroneous designation along US 22.

Dug said...

I think that US 22 and US 30 are the same road in much of Pittsburgh though Google doesn't always make that clear. Where they split on the eastern side the Quebec labels appear to follow Rt 30.
It's been close to a month since I first noticed this and they still haven't fixed it. Pourquoi?

Jim Dandy said...
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Jim Dandy said...

Maybe the Fed's sold the northern third of the U.S. to Quebec to pay down our national debt?!

signofwater said...

I've read that map makers often put in a few fictitious items to identify plagiarism. That could be the case here.

Anonymous said...

Found this while traveling from CA to Montreal, Quebec and doing a little geocaching along the way. I find it a quite amusing coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Exton-Downingtown suburbitopia! haha i found that funny... a little Chester County humor!

Anonymous said...

One year later and the problem is there (still/again) - but now it's Nebraska's Longest Highway...

Dug said...

Yeah, I may have to post an update.