Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Map of the Week - Wear a Helmet!

NASA's defunct Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is expected to fall back to earth on Friday, give or take a day. They don't know where but based on the satellite's orbit they've narrowed it down to somewhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south latitude, in other words somewhere between northern Canada and the southern tip of South America - where just about everyone lives. The dark areas on the map below could get hit with debris.

If you're in Antarctica, you have nothing to fear, except for the fact that your continent has gotten huge on this map projection. For the rest of us there's a 1 in 3,200 that someone in this zone will get hit. The U.S. Strategic Command at Vandenberg Air Force Base will provide updates as the time gets closer. In the meantime watch for falling objects.

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