Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maps from Memory

Illustrator Ellis Nadler started a group on flickr for maps drawn From Memory. There's a nice variety of artistry and accuracy here. One of the better ones is Montreal de memoire from Axel Drainville.

User 4ojos has some very nice maps on flickr. Here's Goa.

For some enjoyable inaccuracy here is the Nadler's Brazil featuring Rio on the wrong side of the Amazon and in the wrong hemisphere.

Brazil map from memory

His Australia's a little off too...

australia map from memory

...but not as bad as the one drawn by his "highly educated" friend.

Australia map from memory

Nadler simplifies London in case you get lost.
Map from memory

Here's his solar system in case you get lost there.
Map of solar system from memory

There's many more fun maps on this group so go waste some quality time! 


Ubermonkey said...

A friend of mine created a "maps from memory" site for video games: Mapstalgia

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