Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Six Pack of Maps

Last month, when I posted A Six Pack of Maps, I promised more to come. Here are some beers from further afield. Warning - you have to verify your age when you go to many of the web links below - a highly secure way of keeping anyone born after 1991 from seeing this child damaging information.

Shorts - two breweries in northern Michigan. They are having their 8th anniversary party next weekend. Events include a paddle between the two breweries. That's good because according to this map there are no roads in the area.

The Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado on the banks of the "Mighty St. Vrain" - one of those western trickles of water that you might step over in a dry spell.

Lake Placid - two locations, two maps for the price of one six pack!

Bear Republic in Healdsburg, California. Where's that? They have a regional map on the right side to orient you. The left side will get you the rest of the way.

Then there's this offering from the Horseheads Brewing Company in Horseheads, New York. I bought a bottle of this stuff just for the label.
The "Pale Expedition" was the 1779 battle to remove the British and Iroquois from Finger Lakes region. General John Sullivan, under George Washington's command led an army of several thousand from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and others from the Mohawk Valley into the region. Details and full map can be found at Walking the Berkshires.

I will finish with La Fin du Monde from Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec. The label is nice. Excellent beer too!

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