Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Huge Risk

This article is over three years old but I just discovered it. Four self described nerds from Eau Claire, Wisconsin created this gigantic risk board from a beer pong table.

Some of the countries have been altered, which is OK by me because I never did understand that weird line across the United States. Here is the original board image courtesy of the Elliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games.

I've never won a Risk game but one time I was way ahead and coming in for the kill. I was staging a massive invasion of Yakutsk or one of those places when a huge thunderstorm came through and knocked out the power-and the game. That's probably why I'm a bitter person now.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Clearly Americans if they think that their country is bigger than Canada...

Dug said...

It's the Americana projection-it flattens northern Canada. It doesn't help that Parker Brothers annexed a huge chunk of Canada to Greenland.