Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Mappy Day at the U-Haul Store

A couple of years ago I had a post about maps on U-Haul trucks. Today I had to go to the U-Haul store. While there I saw some more nice trucks.

This Missouri truck features the bats of Onondaga Cave State Park. From close up the bat at the top looks like its hanging right off the truck. I like the gratuitous highway details around St. Louis. The full graphic can be seen here.
The Alaska truck shows a large goshawk. The close up view reveals some nice relief detail of the Tongass National Forest.
Iowa's truck features the Manson Impact Crater. This crater is 24 miles in diameter and is believed to be caused by a meteor's impact 74 million years ago.
 Off goes the Missouri bat-mobile on a mission!
In the interest of full disclosure this was actually taken on a different day in a different location.


David said...

My name is David and I work with the U-Haul SuperGraphics truck graphics program. If you have any questions about our graphics or the maps on them, I would be happy to answer them for you.

Dug said...

Thanks. Nice job on the graphics!

Anonymous said...

Did U know...
A little character is hidden in all the graphics?
Find out more from the artist that created the modern graphics for the entire fleet....

Steve King illustration website: