Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New IOS6 Maps

Any new mapping system is going to have glitches. It takes a long time and lots of user input to get to where google is and maybe Apple will always be a few years behind. In the meantime we can have lots of fun with their glitches. There is a page on Tumblr, The Amazing iOS6 Maps that collects these glitches.

Helsinki's Railroad Station as a park.

There are lots of melty pictures, a result of aerial and 3D image overlays. Here's a the Islington subway station in Toronto.

Other example include cities that have migrated, park expansion, missing water bodies and lost detail. Here is Minsk, a city of 1.8 million, with almost no roads and the city's center located outside the beltway.

Powell Butte in Portland, Oregon supersized.

Wilkes-Barre, PA moved inland after the flood.

Belgrade without rivers.

 There are dozens of additional pages of these images for your viewing pleasure. Just click the next button at the bottom of the page. Thanks to niece Olivia for discovering this page. I just got my new iPhone and will be setting it up later today so I have all this to look forward to. I'll leave you with this final parting shot.

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