Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wind

Someone sent me a link to the Wind Map a while ago and I forgot about it until yesterday when a friend reminded me of it. Meant to help us see the potential of wind power, it's also pretty cool during a hurricane. Had I not been so busy yesterday trying to put together maps of power outages and downed trees, I could have posted a map that looked like this:

Here is a detailed view of Hurricane Sandy and its huge area of influence. I love the way it highlights our most important cities like Columbus.

 Today, conditions are a little more scattered but still pretty intense over the Midwest:

Here is what it looked like in southern Louisiana during Hurricane Isaac this past summer- this picture came from the Washington Post but the original link is broken:

Speaking of which the Post has an excellent graphic of the storm's impact:

Thanks to Molly for the Wind Map link.

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