Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OMG, The End is Nigh!

If the world in fact ends on Friday, I will look stupid for my disbelief. Then again, we'll all be dead so it won't really matter. Here are the "facts" with illustrations that are supposed to prove them.

Nibiru, or Planet X is entering our orbit! You can't see it and neither can any respected astronomer but it's really there!

 It's going to reverse the earth's magnetic poles and cause massive flooding of all coastal areas! This map showing the movement of the north magnetic pole proves it! These images are from Copernicus II.

The evil governments of the world are lying to us while building secret underground cities to hide in. These cities already contain advanced civilizations that previously left the earth's surface. Greg Jenner, a leading proponent of much of this stuff shows maps of an island in the arctic that may contain a passage to the underground.

A quote from Jenner "I cannot discount the possibility that mapmakers (belonging to secret societies) would purposely omit this geographical region known to have UFO activity." Yes, the deliberate omission of secret islands is a frequent topic at NACIS meetings.

There a connection to Atlantis too, why wouldn't there be? That ancient civilization was possibly destroyed by a previous appearance of Nibiru and the survivors scattered to the interior of Brazil, where they built this amazing tunnel system to their secret cities!

 Now you know where to go on Friday to join, if crazy stuff starts happening. Thanks to Greg Jenner and Copernicus II for their amazingly detailed research. Hopefully I'll be back next week.


Michael5000 said...

Quito isn't that secret of a city. I've known people who lived there.

So, when's all this bad shit gonna go down?

Dug said...

The end will happen sometime during or after the apocalypse - give or take a few millenia.