Monday, April 1, 2013

Google Treasure Maps

Google has launched it's latest mapping feature, the Treasure Map just in time for April Fool's Day.
The treasure view has icons and some of them have numbers referencing latitude and longitude that take you to clues. For example, this mermaid swimming in Lake Washington near Seattle...
 ...takes you to southern Alberta, where the gold coin is actually a letter. These letters spell out an important message.
If you happen to be in southern Ireland, you might come across this rope letter.
Not all icons give you clues, some are just there to be cute. Here's Lucy The Elephant in Margate, New Jersey.
Here are various icons in Seoul including the gangnam style guy.
Also, the street view is altered to look like a telescope with sepia-like tones and cracks and dust on the lens.
For more information watch this video:
For even more insight and some spoilers go to Google Maps Mania. Happy treasure hunting!


Michael5000 said...

Because I am humorless and no fun at all, I found this whole thing obnoxious and twee. But I like that they put Lucy the Elephant on there. Lucy's way cool.

Dug said...

Too bad google has her facing the wrong way.