Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Corporate States and Booze States

A couple of months ago graphic designer Steve Lovelace posted this map of the Corporate States of America, subjectively showing the corporation that best represents each state.
There's a list at the bottom of his page so you can figure out the tiny states -  Rhode Island is Hasbro and Delaware is DuPont. The two things that are most interesting to me are that Wyoming is represented by a taco chain and that Starbucks trumps Microsoft.

Thrillist followed up with a booze map.

The map is said to represent the "biggest/most high profile liquor or beer companies" for each state. It's not clear how subjective these choices are but most of them are breweries. As someone that lives in the Northeast and drinks a variety of beer, I've never even heard of many of these nearby breweries such as Willimantic (Connecticut) and Hill Farmstead (Vermont.) Again the tiny states are tough to read but Delaware is Dogfish Head and Rhode Island is probably Narragansett because what else would Rhode Island be?

Who knew that Vodka was so big in the Southeast? Well, I didn't anyway. Also, I like the name of Oklahoma's beer! A little regional feud? 

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