Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Each Country Leads the World In

The web comic Dog House Diaries recently posted this map - click for the large version.
Though the map looks goofy, it is based on mostly credible sources which are listed here.

Some of the most interesting stats involve small countries so you really need to do some zooming and panning to see these. Here are some examples.

Most bad driving - this is judged by road deaths per 100,000 cars and the award goes to Togo - incorrectly placed in Benin. Yes I had to check that too to be sure they got it wrong.

Happiness - Costa Rica

Brazil Nuts - Bolivia, not that other place

Highest High School graduation rates - Portugal

Home ownership - Bulgaria

Highest valued currency - Kuwait

Use of social media - Philippines

Highest quality of life - Ireland

And finally the award for longest alphabet goes to Cambodia

You might want to get a hot drink and a Mohnflesserl and do some exploring.

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