Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cloud Corridor-Srsly?

Neighborhood rebranding is popular with real estate people. Newer, cuter names will sell more property. Now the technology sector in San Francisco is coming together to try and rebrand several distinct neighborhoods into a Cloud Corridor.
If your business is in this area they want you to start using the Cloud Corridor term in marketing materials, press releases, twitter hashtags and in general conversation. Their San Fran. style self congratulatory rhetoric tells of how they have replaced the Silicon Valley as the new "hub of innovation" and with this rebranding "can capture the hearts and imaginations of the local talent and the wider world."

Of course this area covers much of downtown San Francisco so I suspect the huge number of non-cloud business owners, employees and residents in this "corridor" may not be too happy about being rebranded. Also, the cloud-shaped boundaries on this map look kind of silly. The metaphor doesn't work if you consider that the areas "in the cloud" are the negative space (the rest of the city.) Finally why did they extend the corridor off the map to the west where there are no googledots? Are they suggesting unlimited future growth?

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