Wednesday, April 2, 2014

40 Maps That Won't Explain Anything-Part 1

In my continuing quest to make fun of the recent plague of "40 Maps That Will Explain Everything You Ever Needed to Know and Keep Your Breath Minty Fresh" articles such as this one and this one; here are 10 maps that blissfully do not pretend to explain anything. 40 maps is a lot to digest in one blog post so I will break this out into several posts that will appear from time to time.

1. Jeep tracks around the Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta Australia
2. Almost unreadable map of Chicago restaurants

3. Detail from Hand Drawn Map of Berlin by Jenni Sparks
4. Oregon Wine Regions using 1980's style computer graphics - somethingaboutmaps
5. The Milky Way Transit Authority by Samuel Arbesman
6. Panama Shipping Routes from a lemon crate
7. Detail from a zoning map of Minsk-the full map is here.
8. Fort Wayne, Indiana art print from Jennasuemaps
9. Forth Worth, Texas art print, also from Jennasuemaps - really you can't tell the difference?
10. Map of Kashi (Kashgar) just because I've always been weirdly fascinated by the place. Note the areas that were not surveyed due to the arrest of the surveyor.

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