Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The World Blueprinted

Philadelphia Data Scientist Lauren Ancona has created a blueprint map of the world. Mapbox enables you to create and cover the world in a style. In Philadelphia, she added extra details from city's open data site.
When you reach the city's edge the level of detail drops off a bit.
However, because Mapbox uses OpenStreetMap data, you can go anywhere. There's a remarkable level of detail in most urban areas. For example, Rio De Janeiro.
Kathmandu has seen a great increase in mapping detail thanks to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Importantly, you can see where the Baskin Robbins is.
The lack of detail in many places makes it tough for wayfinding. I could not clearly find the place I helped map in Nepal a few weeks ago but it is  somewhere around here.
Of course, it looks nice when you're zoomed way out too!

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