Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10 More Maps That Won't Change Your Anything!

They just keep coming! A constant stream of clickbait about how a series of maps will change your life, make you think differently, increase your earnings, and help you finally get that promotion. OK, perhaps the latest version is a bit more modest seeking only to "teach you something new about the world" - though the merit of knowing how to say "bear" in different European languages is debatable.

Here we attempt to free you from the burden of such claims. Like a good summer read, here are some maps that are unlikely to change your life but you may enjoy them just the same.
1. Map of the Detroit area on a Motown single
2. Map from a menu of the Brown Derby, Los Angeles via The New Yorker
3. Map of Heisenberg - a fictional city based on Breaking Bad
4.  Map of Albuquerque - an actual city based on Breaking Bad
5. Historic map of the Black Swamp - from a Toledo Bellows article about the Black Swamp Underground, a Toledo area musicians' collective.
6. Tourist map of the Hague by Zara Picken.
7. Manitou Springs, Colorado where I had an excellent breakfast once. From the Colorado Springs Gazette, 1922.

8. The Beatles Map, 1974. Click the image for a more legible version.
9.  Interactive map of El Gouna, Egypt.
10. Online map from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

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