Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Warsaw Transit Animation

One of my readers, a student at UNIGIS Krakow sent me this video showing the growth of rail transit in Warsaw.
If you want to open it in a separate window here is the link.
Below are a couple of still frames, they show not only the growth of the rail lines, but also the expansion of the city's boundaries.

The white lines are street trams. Green is a commuter rail line and red is subway. Much of the expansion has happened in the last 10 years with the rapid development of the SKM urban rail - the orange lines.
 Here's a map of the SKM system.
The video was created using QGIS Time Manager software. The credits listed on the video are worth repeating here.
Basemap is cartometric and was created using open source GIS software - QGIS ( and Time Manager for QGIS - plugin developed by Anita Graser (

During work on the film, authors based on datasets created by Magdalena Trzebiatowska, OpenStreetMap project, TRASBUS and TRAMWAR websites archive and GIS data shared by Geodesy and Cadastre Office of the Capital City of Warsaw.

This film is a result of „group project” realized during the UNIGIS Krakow study program (more at:, and was made by UNIGIS students: Jakub Bobrowski, Joanna Gosztowtt, Paweł Hawryło, Jacek Kuskowski and Kamil Onoszko under the supervision of a UNIGIS tutor - dr Małgorzata Luc.
If you look any of this up on Google Maps today, you might find that the Vistula, the main river in Warsaw has dried up. I hope they get their water back soon.


Michael5000 said...

Wow, I didn't expect the big finish! I didn't read all your text first.

Michael5000 said...

What was the thing about the Vistula drying up?

Dug said...

It was apparently a temporary shutoff but for about an hour as I was posting this there was no water in Warsaw. I checked several devices to confirm this - see the gray linear empty area in the image above. Someone must have banged on the radiator pipes because the water is back.