Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse Map Follow Up

Before Monday's eclipse I posted some excellent maps and visualizations of it. Here are a few I missed and some post-eclipse maps.

The Washington Post made a great graphic showing the most liked images tagged #eclipse2017 on Instagram.

Hover over each image for more detail
Even filtering for the eclipse tag, not every image is eclipse-related.
The Post also posted this widely-circulated map showing how Google search results for the eclipse followed the path. I like the color choices!
From the same article, an understated graphic showing what the eclipse looked like throughout the United States.
The Canadian Space Agency has a similar map showing what the peak eclipse looked like over their major cities. Though there was not a total eclipse anywhere in Canada, the map does give an easily understandable view of what will be visible. The green-blue gradient is a little gratuitous but I like this map a lot.
This gif, an animated satellite view popped up somewhere is the social media world-I forgot where I found it. Click the image for a larger view and some animation options.
Finally I made my own screen shot that got popular (by my standards) on Twitter showing the path of the eclipse via Google Traffic.
Before the eclipse the only thing that stood out was a huge amount of traffic converging on South Carolina from the Atlanta and Charlotte areas. Otherwise there wasn't much else to see. When I looked shortly after the peak of the eclipse the pattern became pretty clear.

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