Thursday, October 10, 2019

Gang Injunctions Map-Los Angeles

The controversial practice of gang injunctions, in which individuals or entire gangs can be restricted from associating with friends or even family members in certain neighborhoods, has been blocked for now in Los Angeles. Over the last few decades the city has enforced injunctions against 79 gangs encompassing some 8,700 people - via the Los Angeles Times.

The injunctions, while credited by law enforcement officials with helping limit gang activity, are controversial because they can affect individuals who are not involved in any gang activity. Those affected have not had a way to challenge these restrictions in court and can be subjected to unnecessary harassment.  The LAPD has a set of maps on their web site showing the neighborhoods affected by injunctions. Here is the citywide map.
These injunctions have been common throughout California. Here are maps from Anaheim,
and Long Beach, both via the Orange County Register,

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