Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The National Votes for Women Trail

 The National Votes for Women Trail is a project of the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites. The trail shows sites integral to the campaign for women's suffrage.  They have collected over 2,100 sites around the country so far. So many that the map at country level is basically a population map. 

These sites can be filtered in numerous ways such as by organization and ethnicity. The "Latinx" filter for example shows mainly sites in the Southwest. There are no sites east of the Mississippi.

You can also zoom in to an area and choose to keep or exclude certain sites.

You can submit your own sites. The interface, by Tableau is nice and slick looking. However the tools are a bit sticky and don't always work as intended. Also the filters are very hard to use because there are so many choices. My final complaint about the interface is that the aerial photo view makes it difficult to see the sites in built up areas*,

and even more so in dry, built up areas.

*These screen shots actually look better my screen looks. Still, if I were designing this I would have given a simple base map option so the sites stand out more.

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