Wednesday, December 15, 2021

ATL Rap Map

I'm probably not the right person to post this given that my knowledge of Atlanta Hip Hop is basically limited to Outkast (upper left corner),

and my knowledge of Adult Swim where creator Joseph Veazy is a senior designer, is even more limited. Nevertheless the Atlanta Rap Map is a charming, hand painted map with lots of nice details relevant to that city's vibrant hip hop scene. Details like this horse on pink roller skates riding towards Bone Crusher's Bankhea(ddd)d.

Here is some downtown detail for your enjoyment.

Outkast makes their appearance below just north of East Point, just north of the airport, the only place I've been to in Atlanta - so far.
You can buy the poster here  - proceeds will be donated to HOPE Atlanta, an agency dedicated to fighting homelessness in the area.

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