Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Women's Suffrage in 1908

This map shows the international state of women's suffrage in 1908. It was originally published in Harper's Magazine and reprinted at ThoughtCo.

Full equal suffrage existed only in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland and a handful of poorly drawn northwestern U.S. states. Finland also allowed women to run for Parliament. The "Municipal Suffrage" of Canada and Iceland meant women could only vote in local elections. The U.K. and Sweden vote in non-parliamentary elections.

This Wikipedia page gives more details. The page also mentions Latvia though not shown on the map. In many cases the right to vote was restricted for a time to married or property owning women. In Australia indigenous women were excluded from voting. It looks like Kansas is shaded in light gray though the Wikipedia page has that state granting women the right in 1912. Maybe it was being considered at the time. There was a gradual trickle of states between 1908 and 1920 when finally women were allowed to vote nationwide in the USA by the Nineteenth Amendment.

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