Thursday, May 1, 2008

Map of the Week 123-Happy May Day!

Folks these days just don't seem to know how to have fun on May Day like we did back in 2001.

Back then in London we rode our bikes wearing fluorescent wigs, gave Winston Churchill a "mohican-style haircut", illegally fed pigeons, and carried signs saying "overthrow capitalism and replace it with something nice." Nowadays we have Bank Holidays , Mayoral elections and Beardyman. Bloody drab mates! And not even a good map of the events.

Maybe you should just go to Ickwell and dance around the maypole.

Here in the USA there will be lots of marches but not a whole lot of good maps. I found some maps showing road closures courtesy of the Los Angeles Dept of Transportation and that's about all. So try to enjoy your May Day despite the dearth of good maps.

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