Thursday, May 8, 2008

Map of the Week-The Great American Road Trip

Yes many of you probably took trips like this when you were young but did you have a trip name? A motto? A blog? Corporate sponsors? Media coverage? Donated oil? Online donations? Didn't think so. Kids these days are savvy!
This is the "Great American Road Trip" - some guys from Utah with a gimmick - cover all 48 contiguous states in 5 days. Not how I would choose to do it-I have this weird notion of actually wanting to see some of these places that they're whizzing by in the middle of the night but that's just me. So how do you get your 48 in the shortest possible time? Here is their well researched route.

They started at this scenic gas station in Brattleboro, Vermont and end up at the Four Corners. As of this post they are in Idaho. Click the map to follow the trip but hurry-they're almost done!

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Michael5000 said...

Mmmm.... Road trip....