Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Map Your Way Through the London Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are here! Here is your map guide:

First - a simple map from the official London Olympics page showing the lay of the land.

 A click on the image below will take you to an interactive map with venue information.

Get Ahead of The Games has a cool map with a slider bar - you choose the date and the map shows the predicted impact on the underground. Here it is for August 3rd. The larger red circles are the busiest stations. There's an animation for the entire Olympic and Paralympic Games time frame.

If you choose to drive, the Olympic Traffic site has the route network map;
and traffic heat maps - also available as an animation from Get Ahead of The Games.
Finally,  here's what the new venues look like on your TomTom GPS screen - courtesy of Pocketlint.

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