Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More USA Perception Maps

A few years back, I posted some maps for the 4th of July showing how we perceive others and vice versa. Here is a collection of maps about how we Americans see ourselves.

From inboxQ, America According to Twitter:

I don't understand some of these, particularly Chicago (Miami of Canada?) and San Diego (yuck?)

Here's the United States of America as Seen by New Yorker, Dan Abramson:

The U. S. Map According to Michiganders, via mLive:

The United States According to the NFL from HeadBlitz:

While we're on sports, here's a complicated one. When the "World" Series was conceived in 1903 the world was clearly a much smaller place. In the author's words it was "obviously named by someone who thought the “world” ended just past the Mason-Dixon Line and the Mississippi River." This one comes from an article posted at Gate 21, an extremely slow loading blog from the University of Tennessee.

Finally, I couldn't resist this nasty one from GraphJam - America According to Europeans. As the comments clearly illustrate, lots of people have no sense of humor. Hope if you're one of those folks, this doesn't ruin your holiday.

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