Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Excellent Subway Inspired Maps

Summer's here, the kids are getting out of school and the NHL's ridiculously long playoffs are finally over. Time to start making vacation plans - if you actually have any spare time or money. Cameron Booth has some wonderful schematic subway style maps to help you plan your journey. Here is his U.S. Routes as a Subway Map - click to see a legible image.

This map has been accepted into the NACIS Atlas of Design. A close up view of it shows a different look at the U.S. than we are generally accustomed to,
The important cities are at the highway junctions and ends. Larger cities such as Detroit and San Francisco are pretty unimportant looking whereas Shamokin Dam and Hurley are major crossroads. Buffalo doesn't even rate on this map.

If you prefer higher speed travel and bland scenery here are the U.S. Interstates.
This time some of the important places are Cove Fort, Utah and Florence, South Carolina. Oh and some place called Chicago. Buffalo, New York is on this map but Buffalo, Wyoming is much more important.

If you prefer a ride on the train here's the Amtrak system. Finally some respect for Buffalo!

If you're in Europe there's the E-Road Network...

or the TGV trains.

In addition to being pretty to look at, these maps might actually be helpful for planning your itinerary. Happy vacation season!

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