Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fifty Years! Fifty States!

Some of you know that I just turned 50 on Tuesday. I have been to 49 states so this is a good year to get to 50. Here is the map hanging in my kitchen showing all the counties I've been to.
My last state is Nevada. In a couple of weeks my wife and I plan to go to Lake Tahoe. The #AmtrakResidency got us excited to get on a train. Rather than waiting for the unlikely event of being chosen out of tens of thousands, we will do our own #DIYAmtrakResdidency. We are taking a 25 hour ride from Denver to Reno followed by a drive to Tahoe. 

If or when I can I will blog and/or tweet the event. There is probably no Welcome to Nevada sign on the tracks and it will be the middle of night so it may not be as fun as posing with my wife at the North Dakota border for her 50th. However, it's still exciting to me. Stay tuned. 


Lance said...

Where did that map come from? Did you make it? Do you color the counties in by hand or by computer?

Dug said...

I did it on the computer, then printed it, then photographed it which is kind of silly because I could have just exported the computer map to a picture. But this way you get the quaint effect of seeing it in the kitchen.