Wednesday, June 4, 2014

40 Maps That Won't Explain Anything-Part 3

The "40 Maps" articles are breeding like rabbits! There's 40 maps to "explain" the Middle East, the Internet, maps that show you How The World Works, and Maps They Didn't Teach You in School (diss the education system all you want, at least they didn't teach you this crap!) If you wade through all of this, you will find a few useful maps but mostly you'll find bad cartography, bad data, and bad assumptions made from the bad data. You'll also find a healthy serving of lazy stereotypes.

I'm not sure why 40 is the magic number but to properly make fun of this series of viral garbage, I have 40 maps that will not explain anything to you, they're just maps. Enjoy them. Since 40 is (in my opinion) way too many maps to absorb in one blog post, I am doing them 10 at a time. This is Part 3. Part 1 and Part 2 are here and here.

21. Tourist Map of Liechtenstein - click to pan and zoom the whole country.
22. Movie Star Homes-Hollywood-Brentwood
23. Proposed LA Metro Westside expansion-via Jewish Journal
24. EPA's Top 10 cities with the most Energy Star Certified Buildings - locations of cities are a bit off but I've seen much worse.

25. From Visualizing Mental Maps of San Francisco - "Yo-Shang Cheng is Sill Not Entirely Sure What's in the Southern Half of the City"
26. Mario BART
 27. The Apollo 11 landing site using a baseball diamond for scale - from NASA
 28. Apollo 17 using Paris for scale - also from NASA
29. The Ohio State Parks Geocache Challenge
30. Map of the Week, according to the Geek Art Gallery.

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