Wednesday, July 16, 2014

40 Maps That Won't Explain Anything-Part 4

This is the final (for now) installment of this series. However, there are so many of the "40 Maps That Will Increase Your Earnings and Change Your Life" pages out there now that I might be compelled to put out some bonus editions of these in the future.

It was pointed out to me that some of the maps in Part 3 actually explained things. I will try to fix that situation with less meaningful maps this time.

31. The Provinces of Bolivia
32. Darts being thrown at random provinces in Cambodia to illustrate PowerPoint Maps Online

33. Detail from the Austin Music Map - love that purple river!
34. The Interstate 11 Corridor proposed to connect Phoenix and Las Vegas.
35. Psychedelic precipitation map of Hawaii. With a bonus Maui blowup.
36. Hawaii refrigerator magnet from Shop in Paradise.
37. The High Sierra region from Visit California - I like their maps and we just visited this region.
38. World placemat for "bigger kids"  from the Reader's Catalog. Got cliches?
Here's the Western Hemisphere zoomed in. Note the atrocious placement of New York City. Guess where this company is located? If their 646 area code is any indication they're based in New York City!
39. Speaking of New York City - here are the Trees of Prospect Park. On the Prospect Park page you can  click on a tree to get details and pictures, but then it would be a map that explains something so be careful!
40. Time to put this series to sleep with some White Comic Map bedding from Debenhams. If you zoom in on the image you'll see that the "map" is a series of comic book images.

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