Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Energy Maps For Your Wall

Say what you want about the fracking frackers but they do make pretty maps. Platts "consistently sets the industry standard for visualizing the supply, generation, distribution and transportation of natural gas." I'm not sure who the competition is in the supply and distribution visualization field, but Platts does a nice job with their colors, subtle shadings and National Geographic-like fonts. They also use shapes to somewhat effectively distinguish between operating and proposed power plants. Here is an example from the North American Natural Gas System Map.  

These are available as wall maps and/or on CD-ROM. The pricing is a bit steep but if you're an energy company executive $500-$800 for a wall map is no big deal. Here is another example from the North American Natural Gas Liquids Map.

For an International perspective, here is the China Coal Power Generation Map. No wonder the air quality in much of China is so bad.

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