Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vintage Campus Maps for Back to School

Here are some interesting old college campus maps to get you into the back to school spirit.
Nice details including the florist, Tiffany Gowns and "Ye Olde Fashioned Tea Shoppe." Also, the Harley-Davidson Rent-A-Bicycle. Motorized bicycles?

2. Baylor University  - Among other details this 1939 map shows the supposed 5th Street divide between North and South Campus, a predecessor of the Bearlin Wall. For more details about the Baylor "Civil Wars" see this blog post.
Also - we have a newly painted bench!  And a fire plug!

3. Princeton- via the David Rumsey Map Collection
This map was made in 1932 by J. Riegel, Jr.,Class of 1912. "Stick yer bun out!"

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