Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Madrid Subway Complaints

This map shows complaints at subway stations-presumably from some 311-type of database. Complaints are color coded by type and given concentric, proportional symbols. The map is not easy to interpret but it makes for great art.
 The legend is in English, the popups are in Spanish.
As you hover over a station you can see the complaint type and frequency. Multiple complaints show up as concentric circles. The popup depends on what part of the circle you're pointing at. There are no obvious patterns, it seems like each station has its own discreet issues. Some of the data seems a little strange though.
For example,the 866 complaints about a breakdown at Nuevos Ministerios yet no other types of complaints. While most other stations have speed and access complaints (I'm guessing this means problems with tickets, turnstiles and/or maybe wheelchairs) there are none of these complaints here. That must have been one horrible breakdown.

Also, the dark base map is great for artistic effect but makes it hard to see where you are.
This whole thing would be easier to read with fewer categories and bigger circles but it would also be less fun. I enjoy watching how the artistic effect changes as you zomm further out.

Explore the map here.

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