Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Egg Map

Dénes Sátor, a designer in Budapest created the Egg Map. Squeeze it and you zoom in for more detail.
From facebook:
EggMap by Budapest-based designer Dénes Sátor is a pocket-size tool for urban explorers to navigate the city and squeeze away the stress.
 The map has some nice details of Budapest. The districts are color coded and then each block shaded differently, probably at random to distinguish them. While not informative, it makes for a pretty map
The zoomed in look is a bit strange with its variously sized symbols and text  but that may be partially because it is meant to be looked at while squeezed.
There's even a legend - at least there's one on the Behance page.

Order details are on Facebook but when you go there it appears the "launch" hasn't happened yet - otherwise I would have ordered one just to play with. If you want an egg map of your city there is a Google Doc where you can request it. The time frame on any of this is quite unclear.

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