Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Map Your Mind

Map Your Mind collects personal stories and memories of Utrecht in the Netherlands. People are encouraged to sign up, create a hand drawn card and share it with others.
Maps are annotated with personal observations and artistic or local details
Most are geographical representations with varying degrees of abstraction. The map above focuses on artistic representations of the Oudegracht Canal and various streets. The map below is a fairly accurate geographic representation of the canals, streets and railroads of central Utrecht. User Hannet has a good sense of geography.
Whereas De Map van Debbie is just an annotated Google map.

On the other hand some cards are not maps at all.
Contributors are encouraged to put a short legend below explaining the locations. The stories and explanations really help give life the maps.
 Some users like Jaap, however, prefer to let the map speak for itself.
These are fun to look at - the list of "mappen" can be found here.

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