Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Transit Voyeurism

1. Sydney, Australia programmer Ken Tsang created this live view of the city's transit system showing all vehicles.
 Every vehicle transmits its location and Transport for NSW has opened the data to the public. It shows all buses, trains, light rail, ferries, delays and track inspections. You can filter by vehicle type. The screen below also serves as a legend of sorts. Trains are in orange, buses blue, light rail red, and ferries green.
You can also see an online version of the station signs.
Just watching all the vehicles moving around is mesmerizing

NOTE: If you are in North America and looking at this early in the day, you won't see much activity because it will be the middle of the night in Sydney. Wait until later in the day and then see how things pick up.

-via EFTM

2. Will Geary, a data science student has created this wonderful video of a day's transit in New York and suburbs. It is not real time data like the one above but does show an incredible wealth of data - and comes with musical accompaniment!

- via City Lab


Joshua said...

You can also see live transit movements of Berlin, Germany here:

Fernverkehr/Long distance trains
Regionalverkehr/Regional trains
S-Bahn/Rapid transit (~Commuter rail)
Tram/Tram-Trolley-Light rail

It also shows if the vehicle is running off schedule (you know, typical German punctuality).

Dug said...

That's excellent!