Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Trip Happy

TripHappy, an online booking site created some nice visualizations, showing trips planned using their online booking tool.
Points represent stops along a travel itinerary. Land and water are removed to emphasize the patterns. They are colored based on clusters - places that show up on the same itineraries. The pattern in the Western Hemisphere is unremarkable but the Eastern side has some interesting clusters. Northern and Eastern Europe cluster together. Southeast Asia is more connected to Australia and New Zealand (left off the image below due to space constraints) than to China, and Russia is connected to parts of the Middle East.
There are also some interactive graphics showing the number of trips per city and country. One bug is that each city is listed by country name instead of city name.
These interactive visualizations were created using Tableau Public, which I don't know much about but seems to have some great visualization tools. Finally, here is a map showing country connections though without any other geographic aids just looks like one of those rubber band balls.
The list below it explains the connections better. Here the most connected countries.
    1    Hong Kong to China
    2    Brazil to Argentina
    3    Tanzania to Kenya
    4    Macau to Hong Kong
    5    Macau to China
    6    Netherlands to Germany
    7    United Kingdom to France
    8    United States to Canada
    9    Uganda to Congo
    10    Germany to Czech Republic
    11    Thailand to Cambodia
    12    France to Spain
    13    Vatican City to Italy
    14    Turkey to Greece
    15    Germany to Austria

To see the maps, visualizations and more details click here.

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