Wednesday, April 11, 2018


"The Soundscape of Istanbul project ( approaches everyday traditions and daily urban life from a sonic perspective and aims to increase public awareness of cultural sounds."
The dots above are color coded by type of space and a click on each one brings up a window with a SoundCloud sample of what the place sounds like. Here is an English translation of the legend for those of us who can't read Turkish.
The colors could be more logical and it is difficult to distinguish some of them on the map. 

There are three other cities including Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey, where you can listen to the sounds of the tailor and copper smith among others. You can create a nice orchestral cacophony by clicking on a bunch of sounds.
Also included are London with traffic noises, train announcements, church bells and street musicians,
and Le Havre, France, where you can listen to maritime traffic and the blessing of the ships.
The project has a platform where you can register a login and contribute your own sounds.

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